May 23, 2023

Card Number Two

Trying a cleaner card than the last AAA Birthday Card. And this time using a digital paint splash I made. My past career was as commercial artist and that evolved into graphics along the way. Today I have a graphic card. Happy Birthday again you guys. No one has figured out who I am yet?


 #120 Bright White Cardstock, created digital heart with pop tape, Engraver MT font.



May 21, 2023

Congratulations AAA Cards on your 9th Birthday! 

Wow, its been that long? My life has immensely changed during that time. I am now a widow, live next to the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay, have a downtown craft store and just made my first card in 9 years. I really enjoyed starting up AAA Cards and have followed you all along, quietly as it was. You all have done such a wonderful job! Jane had the reins for a while, I really appreciated all her help and friendship. Happy Birthday AAA Cards!  (See my retirement card at...



 Items used: (All around ten years old) Lawn Fawn Stamps, "Baked with Love". Simon Says Stamp "Pretty Pink Posh LAYERED BOKEH Stencils" (discontinued), Derwent "Inktense" pencils, Stickles "Diamond", 3D tape dots. Cardstock. Tom Holtz "Distressed ink dabbers" (are they discontinued too?)


Thanks for the visit! 


April 27, 2017

Across America with a Cute Camper

And we'll have fun, fun, fun! We have become Snowbirds. Tucson Arizona is the winter palace and Havre de Grace Maryland is our summer get-a-way. This will be our second visit to Maryland and this time ALL the pets come too!

During our SUV travel last year we carried along one cat and one dog. Finding motels wasn't that bad. Many motels even cater to pet owners. But cats and mysterious motel beds are an uncomfortable mix for me. I'm worrying about the cat becoming permanently part of the mattress and I'm worrying about picking up bed bugs and infesting our homes.

So this past winter we decided that a caravan would improve all these crazy thoughts running wild in my head. Let's start with our pulling vehicle. My husbands baby is a 2015 Lexus 450H, white. This is a hybrid, nice mid size tuffy. Not 4 wheel drive though and we can pull up to 3500 lbs.

Our choice of campers was not the one in my minds eye. I was hoping to get one with an extra set of bunks as we have 6 grandkids. Nope, to heavy to pull. I also have this strange thing about "wet baths". Now many of you know what one is already, and the idea of taking a shower on the road over the toilet and sink makes me think that camping is NOT for me. We found a tiny camper with a real bathroom!

Style was an issue too. Those incredibly sweet retro campers looked terrific- but I couldn't find one that didn't have a wet bath. Rats. My husband really didn't care for the look of the boxy aluminum trailers either. After an hour of hopping "Rich" the salesman around the Lazy Days RV extravaganza lot, I remembered the first camper we looked at and easily forgot ('cause it had no bunks).

I called Steve over to look at the "Hipster" one and his ears and eyes lit up! And we fell in love for all the right reasons. Right size, right weight, right look, just enough frill and we have a new addition to the family- The Comet Mini made by Starcraft.

Wee! The kitchen compartment extends 18" when parked creating a feeling of extra space. Very brown inside so we added blue and navy to our bedding. So many pillows we call it the Harem bed.

I've had it a week now and little touches here and there have been added. One has to remember anything not nailed or glued down must be placed in a safe spot during transport. As a kid we had a cabin cruiser and I know the havoc of household items floating and crashing about!

How pretty my little camper has become! (and picture all this flying all around :) We found the cutest Melamine Dish Set at Costco. Blues and greens as a watercolor underwater life. Little crabs and seahorses with lots of blue coral and seaweed. Our plastic 24 oz tumblers have that watery effect too. Mid Century pitcher and thrifty round small table cloth. The flower vase is something my husband picked up at HomeGoods. He knows what I like to photograph.

My husband is the cook of our house. This is his area, and I dare not add anything else. There is also a fridge with icebox and a convection microwave. All the cabinets and drawers "click" tightly shut.

A real bathroom! You'd be amazed at how many campers have the wet baths. Our shower is a corner style with an attached pull curtain. The whole bathroom is the back of the camper. Most of the time our three cats litter box will be riding in the shower base. Hey, it works!

I've taken this moment to plug Bay Breeze Soap too. The little bowl above is filled the little guest soaps I make for myself from left over soap icing batter. They look like meringue.

Tah Dah! The infamous triangle litter box from Amazon. Currently sans litter and liner bag.

The front of the camper is where the horizontal short queen bed lies. What a combination shot! Bed of a thousand pillows, 2 ravens and a four foot long soft cat pen. Our camper came with it's standard mattress. I have improved with a waterproof mat pad, queen feather-bed, Egyptian cotton 400 count striped sheet set, 4 foam pillows, 2 feather pillows, 2 sleep wedge pillows (under the feather-bed) and a pinch pleat comforter. Almost GLAM camping! I've been keeping Amazon prime hopping!

Oh yeah....the ravens. One is a real sized puppet and the little is a JoAnn's Styrofoam number available at Halloween. Why?....Baltimore Ravens fans.  At least I didn't decorate in Black and Purple.....nuff said.

And this! This is the BOMB! Victory is Mine! We purchased this incredible pet pen from Amazon earlier this year and it is wonderful! Purchased for 4 cats, they enjoyed it in the living room all winter. Just this week our 17 year and oldest, Bozo passed to kitty peace. He was eternally sweet and sleepy.

So that's the new camper, our Starcraft Comet Mini.
 Thanks for stopping by.
 Cheers, Vicki

September 16, 2016

Concord Lighthouse & Keepers House

Hometown, Havre de Grace Md. Our Concord Point Lighthouse. Built in 1827 and first manned by local hero John  O'Neil.  Mr O'Neil was the last defender of Concord Point . On May 3rd 1813 the British came to pilfer and burned the town. They were successful. The out cry was far and loud. Baltimore was determined to defeat the British when their turn came. Ever hear of the Star Spangled Banner song?  Havre de Grace was later over voted by one (ONE!) in congress to become the the nations capital. We here are SO glad that didn't happen.

To tie in my soaps, I created the soap called "Concord Point" with the story in mind. It's colors remind me of the water and sand. The fragrance is from Bramble Berry, called "Yacht Club".   See the soap HERE.

September 14, 2016

Would you like to purchase my soaps?

Hi there, I sell my soaps in social media, in select local shops, by friends & family and at craft shows.

To find me look in these places.....

Bay Breeze Soap Blog.........................Etsy baybreezsoap

The Vintage Cafe's Christmas Shoppe Havre de Grace MD
Havre de Grace First Friday Nights Downtown, MD
Maryland Faerie Festival, Silver Farm Rd, Darlington MD

and hopefully in (have not not received acceptance letter yet) 
The Havre de Grace Art Show

(or we are gonna turn tail and run to 
Missouri to catch the Eclipse!)

September 13, 2016

Historic Havre de Grace

Named after the historic city itself. Havre de Grace is my favorite creation and fragrance. I felt very comfortable making it. From pre planning through execution...just perfect!  Click Here

Historic Concord Point

In my home town of Havre de Grace, the old lighthouse sits at Concord Point by the mouth of the Susquehanna River.  I actually live next door! This fragrance is fresh air sailing. Click HERE

September 11, 2016

Changing my focus in Crafting, Bay Breeze Soaps

I am becoming more involved with soap making. I love studying the topic and there is SO much out there to pick up and learn from.

I began soap making with cold process. Feels like a science project each time. I've been in Maryland for the summer and because I'll be travelling back in October (to Tucson) I've had to slow down making my soaps. They need to cure 6 or so weeks and just how much stuff can I actually jam into the suv (cat & dog too) for the 2000 mile return trip?

My husband has come to find that he really likes to cut the soap. Cool. I have a partner in crime! He's thinking about becoming my cinematographer too! An arty project we can enjoy together is so wonderful. He likes N gauge trains, really small stuff. I like miniatures. We were meant for each other.

I'm changing my header to reflect my new interests. I still receive about 3 to 5 thousands visitors a month. Mostly due to my 16 Way to Noodle Exercise post and many sweeties to view my cards and my cards 2pg. I don't want to confuse anyone, so an image of the old header will be on the sidebar hereon.

Thanks for putting up with me and my disappearance on social media this last year. Hugs.


September 7, 2016

My my how a year flies & New Stuff

We've been living 6 months in Havre de Grace, Md., my childhood home, at our beautiful waterfront Heron Harbor condo. We kept our Tucson home and we will split the time for a few years.

I retired thinking "I'll paint now". Ha! First I went crazy collecting dies. Then I started making little village domes from Papertrey (WOW, you gotta check out Papertrey Kits!)Then I started making itty bitty teeny tiny fimo food charms. Then I made soy candles and door wreaths and created lots of Christmas cards and tags and spent a day at a craft fair. Oh my goodness what will I do next. Make doll houses?

Now I'm creating from scratch- cold process soap! I like this alot!

I started a web page for my soapy world. Drop by and take a peek. Oh, the soaps are for sale, just message me.

Bay Breeze Soap

Hugs to All,

This one I designed after learning the craft.

So, it's be quite a year.

July 19, 2015

My Retirement Card & Goodbye AAA Cards

It's time. My husband is retiring and we are off to see the world and thoroughly enjoy our grandchildren. 
I haven't been able to craft for weeks. We found a bayside vacation condo and we are trying to close. 
Also spending time preparing wills and important life papers. Crazy changes for me and Steve. 
But it's all good stuff!

This is my last card for AAA Cards CAS Challenges. I founded AAA last year and
it's been an incredible ride! It started as a cute and new card challenge to express
the Clean & Simple crafting theme and went become a well known
spot to share and create!

Thank you all for the fun and sharing, the creativity and laughs. I hope to return to art in a few months, but my path will be watercolor painting and I will be able to fulfill a lifetime dream.

Big smiles and hugs, thanks for everything.......bye bye.
Victoria Lavender

(I won't be able to accept emails any longer from AAA Cards under 
victorialavenderATyahooDotCom. Please check the challenge blog 
for the new changes and email address.)