September 11, 2016

Changing my focus in Crafting, Bay Breeze Soaps

I am becoming more involved with soap making. I love studying the topic and there is SO much out there to pick up and learn from.

I began soap making with cold process. Feels like a science project each time. I've been in Maryland for the summer and because I'll be travelling back in October (to Tucson) I've had to slow down making my soaps. They need to cure 6 or so weeks and just how much stuff can I actually jam into the suv (cat & dog too) for the 2000 mile return trip?

My husband has come to find that he really likes to cut the soap. Cool. I have a partner in crime! He's thinking about becoming my cinematographer too! An arty project we can enjoy together is so wonderful. He likes N gauge trains, really small stuff. I like miniatures. We were meant for each other.

I'm changing my header to reflect my new interests. I still receive about 3 to 5 thousands visitors a month. Mostly due to my 16 Way to Noodle Exercise post and many sweeties to view my cards and my cards 2pg. I don't want to confuse anyone, so an image of the old header will be on the sidebar hereon.

Thanks for putting up with me and my disappearance on social media this last year. Hugs.



  1. Your soaps love ok wonderful Victoria and so lovely to catch up with you a again.

  2. Oh goodness! Jane! Hi sweetie! Love the cards at AAA, you guys seem to still be having fun. Thanks for checking out my soaps, terribly fun stuff. Hugs & happiness, Vicki