June 21, 2015

Paste & Homemade Stencil See-through Shaker Card

Hi, we're playing Game #42 at AAA Cards. This round is a technique game calling for the use 
of paste and/or stencils too. I have discovered I do not like paste. Oh well, stencils are cool.
After blowing through 4 messed up and ugly attempts, I took washi tape
and taped down an abstract pattern. 
Smoothed on the paste and quickly coated with ice blue glitter. 
When I pulled off the tape I was finally happy. 

Then I got to play some more with making shakers with The FUSE. OH BOY! Love this tool!

(Inside view) Instead of shaking, this sachet is FULL of Martha Stewart chunky glitter. It's an Avery Elle pocket, fuse sealed rectangle with a smaller rectangle in the middle for us to see through. So simple with the right tool.

If you haven't seen the FUSE in action,
I've created another Quick Buzz Video to show how it works.
CLICK HERE for my demo video
or click on the sidebar video

Thanks so much for being here. I need to apologize for being absent in comments with the last AAA Cards game and my own post. I'm not feeling well, or maybe "right" is the word. But I've lagged on everything bloggy this past couple weeks. Things should pick up soon.

Take a little time to play along this week. Playing with paste and stencil can produce some truly interesting results. Then drop your new card into AAA Cards 
game #42 "Paste and/or Stencil. 
CYA there!

Hugs, Victoria
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  1. Gorgeous, fun and adorably sparkly Victoria. Stunning stencil work.
    Sarah x

  2. You may not like paste, but you sure can't tell by looking at your wonderful creation. I am quite intrigued by the FUSE. Off to watch your video!

  3. OK, the FUSE is in my Amazon Cart. Great video, and you have made me buy the tool and the envelopes! lol

  4. I'm so with you on not liking paste! But it looks like you mastered it anyway. Gorgeous glittery card.

  5. I so want one of these tools, must put it on my birthday wish list!! It certainly make's the art of putting shaker cards together so much easier. And you can make amazing ones like this one....its really fantastic!! Love the rectangle shaker shape and that you have a clear panel in the middle. And well done finally getting the paste look you were after, it was definitely worth all your frustration! Thanks so much for having me for this challenge!!

  6. Absolutely stunning card Victoria! The glitter paste is so fab (love the creative use of washi!) and I just LOVE what you did with the fuse tool. I had never really thought about buying it but you definitely have me re-thinking - I love how you created the pocket!! Jill

  7. Fantastic, I will have to try something like this, u inspired me :)

  8. Hey paste is awesome :))) you did an amazing job and I love that glitter. And finally I understand what the heck this fuse thing is. When it first came out I was like, erm, what am I going to do with that!! Thanks for the assist!